Identifying, protecting & developing our Geothermal Potential

Miña terra Galega o noso planeta

Xeotérmica Galega is a collaboration between passionate environmental scientists, researchers and engineers based in Galicia

Our mission begins with mapping the Geothermal Potential of Galicia, focussing on investigating and identifying the best path to bring Galicians clean geothermal energy now. We are committed to developing a range of geothermal opportunities for the benefit of all Galicians. This can only be done in the most economically and environmentally beneficial manner possible

Our journey has just begun!

Geothermal is here

Galicia is resting above a natural powerful energy; - the water within our rocks. We want to understand it better so we can use it for Galicians and play our part in the global energy solution. 

Bringing Galicia’s geothermal potential to the surface, unlocking millions of years of potential begins here.

Xeotérmica Galega

The Galician rocks embody the power, identity and natural potential of this land. This is an ancient land with an ancient resource. We are all it’s guardians. We want to investigate the potential below the earth, our underground water. This powerful energy is our treasure and it is our responsibility to respect it and care for it. We are custodians of living rocks, alive with water. They are our life, our water and our future.

Geothermal in all its forms, has the potential to sustainably supply electrical and thermal energy for residential, industrial and recreational uses. Xeotérmica Galega has huge potential to apply the latest global research and technology to sustainably utilise this clean renewable energy source. Our team, based in Pontevedra, are committed to investigating and identifying the best path to bring Galicians clean geothermal energy now.

Clean energy potential for Galica

Agua Enodo

Xeotérmica Galega puts a spotlight on Galicia. Agua Enodo is our sister organisation specialising in groundwater consulting projects across the globe. Throughout our investigations, this partnership ensures we bring the latest international expertise right here to Galicia.


Environmental Protection

Both our organisations have a strong commitment to sustainability in particular in the environmental, social and economic aspects of our projects. The building blocks of all our partnerships and collaborations are integrity and trust through open and honest communication at every stage of a project.


Sustainable Energy

We have a vision to realise this potential for zero carbon electricity and heating as well as energy efficient heating and cooling. One or more of these geothermal paths are going to be key, alongside a balance of other sustainable solutions, helping Galicia to realise it’s transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We are looking forward to sharing our excitement and passion with you. As dedicated champions of this cause we welcome your interest. Please feel free to contact us.